SNL Says Goodbye to Kristen Wiig // Featuring Arcade Fire & Mick Jagger

I know it’s everywhere this morning, but it’s hard not to be a little moved and impressed that Saturday Night Live took a special moment to say goodbye to their MVP of the last seven seasons, Kristen Wiig. Doing so by providing a faux graduation ceremony and farewell dance soudtracked by Arcade Fire performing covers “She’s a Rainbow” and “Ruby Tuesday”. It’s an incredibly sweet moment, made all the sweeter by seeing the differentiating interactions between the cast members; Wiig starting to cry upon hugging Hader, Armisen staring directly into her eyes with a huge smile before saying what appears to be “I love you”, Samberg coming in off the wrong side with a big swinging hug like saying “fuck it” to the tears, but maybe saddest of all, Jason Sudeikis who from the opening of the skit appears to be dealing with some heavy emotions, nearly bringing the dancing to a stop when he gives her an extended hug before slipping off into the back. By the time “Ruby Tuesday” kicked in and everyone stormed the stage, it was a big party and Amy Poehler’s provided the best template for the celebration, just jumping around having a great time with a smile as big as the stage, because in the end, it’s not fun to lose some of the best cast members that have ever graced the SNL stage, but it’s exciting as all hell to thinking of what can come next from Wiig (and apparently Samberg and Sudeikis, who are also exiting). So, it appears we’re back to rebuilding years on SNL, but atleast we got to see a fantastic send off for one of the best that has ever been. 

I’m gonna cry……

Ugh. Definitely teary eyed.


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